Ankle MRI

ankleMagnetic resonance imaging uses a strong magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to produce high resolution images of the area of the body that is being examined.  A MRI of the ankle is used in the evaluation of patients that have ankle pain wither due to an acute injury or chronic wear and tear.  The exam can be performed without contrast and it is effective in the evaluation of tendon tears, such as Achilles tendon tears, ligament tears, osteochondral injuries, arthritis, and in excluding fractures.   The exam may be performed without and with contrast to evaluate a soft tissue mass.  To schedule your MRI of the cervical spine appointment, call 1-855-435-4836 or visit Elite MRI of Michigan


Elite MRI of Michigan puts patient care at the center of all we do.  Whether you’re dealing with a knee injury or a complex cancer diagnosis, compassionate care is part of Elite MRI of Michigan.  Elite MRI of Michigan utilizes Siemen’s equipment, with its unique short bore design and advanced acquisition technology, this allows for improved patient comfort, openness, and reduced scan times.  You can be confident that our radiologists will deliver consistent, accurate, timely, and dependable reports that you and your doctor can rely on to have a meaningful impact in your care plan and treatment decisions. From diagnosis, to treatment, and recovery, our team works with your physician to quickly and accurately address your medical needs.



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