Cervical Spine MRI

Cervical Spine MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging uses a strong magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to produce high resolution images of the area of the body that is being examined.  A MRI of the cervical spine is used in the evaluation of patients that have neck pain wither due to an acute injury or chronic wear and tear.  The exam can be performed without contrast and it is effective in the evaluation of disc herniation, spinal stenosis, nerve impingement, degenerative facet arthritis resulting in headaches, and in excluding fractures.   Intravenous contrast may be given to patients if they have persistent pain following prior surgery to evaluate for scaring or in patients with a history of cancer to exclude cancer metastasis.   To schedule your MRI of the cervical spine appointment, call 1-855-435-4836 or visit Elite MRI of Michigan www.elitemriofmichigan.com.


Elite MRI of Michigan puts patient care at the center of all we do.  Whether you’re dealing with a knee injury or a complex cancer diagnosis, compassionate care is part of Elite MRI of Michigan.  Elite MRI of Michigan utilizes Siemen’s equipment, with its unique short bore design and advanced acquisition technology, this allows for improved patient comfort, openness, and reduced scan times.  You can be confident that our radiologists will deliver consistent, accurate, timely, and dependable reports that you and your doctor can rely on to have a meaningful impact in your care plan and treatment decisions. From diagnosis, to treatment, and recovery, our team works with your physician to quickly and accurately address your medical needs.


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  1. Denise Grant says:

    Out of curiosity, What is the white mass on the back of this patients neck?

    • Elite MRI of Michigan says:

      Thank you for the question. This is just normal fat that will be present at the base of the neck and top of the thoracic spine. I assure you this is a normal finding and something that we see in most patients.

  2. Jerome Newland says:

    I am a Michigander Troll (I lived under the bridge) currently living in the Philippines. I need some assistance I don’t know if you can help with.
    I had an MRI of the neck here. The equipment is OK, but I don’t necessarily trust the expertise of doctors trained here to interpret the results and appropriately respond. I am a 66 y/o white male with a 21 year history of adult onset diabetes, insulin dependent for the last 6 years. Caused by the VA improperly dosing me with Zyprexa, not genetic or predisposed by weight.
    I have a satellite group of other issues. Hypertension, CVD, PAD, CKD, DJD, FBI, CIA, etc.
    Plus myloproliferative disease secondary to military chemical exposures. Back in the day.
    I had the MRI of the cervical spine due to prolonged (6 months +) of pain and stiffness of the neck. Both stabbing and throbbing, radiating down to the shoulders, through the wrists into the hands. Radiculopathies exist already exist at T-10, L4-L5,L5-S1, Usually in an exacerbated condition. I have lost 3 inches in height, get electric shocks when my feet hit things. Stocking sensations to a point above the ankle. A leaded feeling in both legs below the knee. No balance. Wheel chair bound.
    There is an enlargement of a point to the L spinalis group from the spine to a pint encompassing a roughly 6-8″ oval elevating to the shoulder. There are vaso vagal responses that may be tied to this. Such as arrythmias, sudden drops in blood pressure, feelings of being hard to breathe, at rest. Sudden debilitating low back spasms pulsating in nature. A completely dead area in an 8″ long 3″W eliptical pattern lateral to the R Quadraceps starting at level with knee.
    Insulin shots were started in the thighs at first, but are now abdominal for the last 3.5 years. The last surgery was an abdominal hiatal hernia repair with a large mesh. EMG & NCV’s of the past have been abnormal, progressively, in all 4 extremities for the past 15 years.
    I had a RMCA lacunar stroke in fall 2011. With progressively deteriorating left side residuals compounded by diabetic neuropathy making movements of my my left arm and hand tremulous, spasmodic, and hesitant. There are intention tremors and post activity tremors on both sides
    I have had two ganglion cysts removed from the right wrist, years eapart. I appear to have something similar entwining around the palmar surface of the L middle flexor. tendon.
    That is all the pertinent info other than long term hypothyroidism genetic, adult onset. Two cardiac stents. Ed. No history of cancer, all sibling and mother alive. Father died in accident when I was 8. Mother is 93. Oldest sibling 70-71. Having said all this I understand my submission of these facts are voluntary, do not form a doctor/patient relationship, and an unwillingness to help would be reasonable as I cannot be personally examined. Therefore no negligence can be attached even if you assisted. Also, I live in the Philippines, so I cannot prosecute you internationally. I have not included the MRI results as I feel that would be an ambush, and against my character.

    Senior Chaplain Jerome Raymond Newland
    Cagayan de Oro City Mindanao Philippines

    • Elite MRI of Michigan says:

      Just saw your note. Im not sure how to help without getting more detail and talking more. Consider giving us a call and we can go from there.

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