MRI Services

Comprehensive care for patients of all types and ages, with a special focus on athletes ranging from professionals to weekend warriors.

Elite MRI of Michigan puts patient care first.  Whether your dealing with a cancer diagnosis to a knee injury, compassionate care is part of Elite MRI of Michigan.  From diagnosis, to treatment, and recovery, our team works with your physician to quickly and accurately address your medical needs.

With our sophisticated imaging equipment and subspecialized, fellowship trained radiologists, we provide the most accurate MRI services available in our region, achieving the highest standard of patient care.



What is MRI? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems allow medical professionals to “see” the inside of the body with outstanding clarity. With MRI images, our radiologists can easily identify areas of treatment, track progress, and rule out serious problems with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. An MRI scan involves no surgery, no radiation, and no hospitalization, and has no known side effects.

An MRI system uses a powerful magnet, radio signals, and sophisticated computer software technology. Because certain atoms in our cells respond or “resonate” lightly in the presence of magnetic fields, the MRI is able to use that response to create an amazingly clear, detailed picture of internal organs, muscles, connective tissue, and the central nervous systems. Detailed MRIs allow physicians to better evaluate parts of the body and certain diseases that may not be diagnosed as accurately with other imaging methods.

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