Shoulder MRI


Magnetic resonance imaging uses a strong magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to produce high resolution images of the area of the body that is being examined.  A MRI of the shoulder is used in the evaluation of patients that have pain, swelling, instability, decreased range of motion, or grinding in and around the joint.  Typically performed without contrast it is effective in the evaluation of the shoulder for rotator cuff tears, biceps tears, biceps tendinosis, acromioclavicular arthritis, and labral tears.  Occasionally intravenous contrast may be given to evaluate masses, focal swelling, or different types of arthritis.  A MR arthrogram can also be performed (injecting contrast into the joint) which allows for the most accurate detection of labral tears and other ligament tears within the joint that may not be well seen without the injection of the additional fluid within the joint.  To schedule your Shoulder MRI appointment at one of our convenient locations in Auburn Hills or Waterford, call 1-855-435-4836 or visit Elite MRI of Michigan,



Elite MRI of Michigan puts patient care at the center of all we do.  Whether you’re dealing with a knee injury or a complex cancer diagnosis, compassionate care is part of Elite MRI of Michigan.  Elite MRI of Michigan utilizes Siemen’s equipment, with its unique short bore design and advanced acquisition technology, this allows for improved patient comfort, openness, and reduced scan times.  You can be confident that our fellowship trained radiologists will deliver consistent, accurate, timely, and dependable reports that you and your doctor can rely on to have a meaningful impact in your care plan and treatment decisions. From diagnosis, to treatment, and recovery, our team works with your physician to quickly and accurately address your medical needs.elite-mri-michigan


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  1. Jason says:

    I am a big sports fan and love the Tigers and always see stories on athletes having MRIs!
    Glad there are experts like you guys to help us make sense of this crazy MRI stuff so our athletes can find out whats wrong with them and get back on the field! #detroittigers #detroit #shoulderpain #shoulderMRI #shoulderinjury #elitemriofmichigan

  2. Patti mayo says:

    I don’t think my post went thru, but just wanted to tell Craig & Pat they made my experience so comfortable! As someone with severe claustrophobia I was terrified! It was a piece of cake, they did every thing to keep me comfortable! Even allowing my sister to stand by and talk to me during the test,, imagine that in A hospital, lol! The biggest help was them telling me every step through the procedure, made it so much easier for me!! Thank you again!!!

    • Elite MRI of Michigan says:

      Thank you for the feedback. Craig and Pat are awesome and we are so glad that they work for us.

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